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Hysol Pneumatic Hot Melt Glue Gun

Designed for high volume, high production industrial environments, this hot melt glue applicator features high output (up to 8.8 pounds per hour), large adhesive loading capacity, pneumatic power for reduced fatigue, and a light-touch trigger actuator for improved control and operator comfort.

Dispensing is trigger-activated, with the dispensing rate controlled by the air line pressure (45-100 psi). This applicator accepts 1.75-inch diameter "plugs".

Applicator stand and air line adapter are included.

**Keep the gun in an upright position using the stand(s) that are attached or come with the gun.

Product Price
175-AIR Pneumatic applicator for 1.75" diameter plugs, 383 F / 195 C operating temperature, 500 watt, 120V $909.00 Add to Cart